Personal Security

Y&G assists you professionally concerning matters of security at all times


Our highly qualified team gives you the required safety, by protecting you from violence and the increasing criminality.

We, the Y&G corpo-ration are your ideal partner in a time where services have become more challenging.
Regular intensive seminars keep our guards fully updated. Your safety is our assignment and for that stands an experienced, efficient and energetic team to your service. Your trust is in safe hands.
The original field of activity of our security enterprise in the area of personal-, escort- and property security was able to expand through the close cooperation of various associate companies.
Our corporation philosophy shows clearly that a sound, professional and customer oriented team leads to success in this day and age. Due to premium, international connections we are capable of providing a steady and dependable partnership even through transnational assignments.
Professional competence, reliability and proficient consulting is our embodiment to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers. Discretion, absolute secrecy, loyalty and flexibility are not only an infinite MUST, but also self-evident. Then only this way we set ourselves a successful and long lasting partnership with you as our customer.
Our Y&G Corporation fulfils at any time qualitatively the highest demands. It is our principal to reject assignments with dubious destinations, or assignments that do not meet our high standards of quality.
We only appoint specially trained and carefully chosen employees with high self-reliance to accomplish your assignment. The recruitment is ensured by choosing experts with professional experience in military, police or similar trades. Our specialists dispose over the most modern equipment so that they accomplish their tasks goal-oriented, correctly and to your, as our customer’s fullest satisfaction.
You can confidently focus your resources on your main business, than due to our diversified services you can surrender the question of safety to us, and not just anyone, but us the Y&G Security corporation, your professionals in all questions of security.
On special request we can escort you with additional security personal and additional vehicles. Than even our chauffeurs distinguish themselves with their skills and special training at borderlines. Just in case.

We are happy to establish your personal concept of security when you contact us. 





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